Operating centers

Omaha, Nebraska Montreal, Canada San Antonio, Texas Lahore, Pakistan

Trained customer service experts


Countries and territories supported


Native languages

Focused on issue resolution and cardholder satisfaction

Our global contact centers cater to your cardholders by providing service options that meet the needs – and preferences – of all your customers. For those who prefer phone, we offer both intelligent IVR and live agent support. Need multiple languages? We’ve got you covered with on-site linguists for 5 native languages, and access to translation services for other languages as needed.

For cardholders who prefer the online approach, we also offer robust web support and email-based assistance to help conveniently resolve questions or issues.

Outbound calling capabilities

Our highly-trained agents are also available to make outbound calls to your cardholders for resolution follow up, or for larger internal initiatives such as surveys, awareness of new features, marketing campaigns and more.

  • Live agent support 24/7/365
  • Full-time employees, not outsourced
  • Intelligent and customizable IVR system
  • Call-back feature for better cardholder experience
  • Support for 5 native languages with the ability to scale to any spoken language
  • Exceed data security and compliance standards
  • Encrypted and masked customer data

Why outsource with i2c?

Running a full-service customer support center can be arduous and time consuming. Outsourcing to i2c is cost effective, eliminating the burden of staffing, training, equipment and infrastructure so you can focus on your core business.

Additionally, we can scale quickly as your business expands or if demand picks up in certain months.

“Each one of our touchpoints is an opportunity to win or lose trust, reputation and loyalty. And when we do our jobs well, we know that our clients can worry less and live more. That is deeply meaningful work.”
Serena Smith Chief Client Officer, i2c

Smart analytics and reporting

We provide daily, weekly or monthly reports that will help you make important decisions about your business, including call duration, average speed of answer, call summary, call detail, chargeback metrics and more. This data helps guide and refine your business strategy for higher success!

Optimized chargebacks and dispute resolution

A dedicated investigative team manages the entire lifecycle of disputes or chargebacks to maximize positive outcomes – with a current win rate of 87%. They facilitate, track and manage the flow of documentation to meet required deadlines, while managing reporting as mandated by issuing banks.

Impeccable data security practices to protect your cardholders

i2c insists on the highest standards and protocols when it comes to security and compliance. Our agents do not have direct access to customer data and information on their screen is limited and encrypted. Agent workstations are also tightly managed. Computers do not have the ability to store data, are protected with top-rated security software and require multi-factor authentication to access. Our call center buildings also maintain the highest security standards with badge access, surveillance equipment and recorded phone lines, giving you the peace of mind that your customer data is completely safe.