Move Cryptocurrency Value off of the Exchange and Onto a Payment Card

Deliver faster payment conversions globally with i2c’s real-time processing platform.

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Launch your innovative crypto offering with the power of i2c’s global processing platform. Our robust platform can help you bring your use cases to life with any currency, fiat or crypto. i2c’s integrated multi-currency purse offers flexibility and easy management of all cryptocurrency accounts independently.

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Why i2c?

Cryptocurrencies have entered the mainstream and are opening up new and exciting use cases every day. As a result, you need a partner that can empower you with the speed to market required to remain relevant. We offer a proven, global platform that scales with you and your customers as you grow your business. Key benefits of working with i2c:

  • Execution Experience

    Live in-market with industry leading global cryptocurrency partners.

  • End-to-end Lifecycle Tools

    i2c doesn’t just offer a cryptocurrency solution, we offer a full suite of payments, communication and program management products. All capabilities are enabled and available for use.

  • Platform Agility

    i2c’s platform is mature and offers 100% reliability guaranteed. We understand that the world of payments is always evolving and we’ve built an infrastructure to support rapid product innovation.

  • Ecosystem Connectivity

    Mastercard®, Visa®, American Express®, UnionPay® Certified Pre-Integrated & Certified Worldwide

Out in the real world

i2c credit issuing solutions are used today all over the world for a wide variety of purposes.

Crypto-backed credit card
Global crypto program
Crypto-backed debit card