A Back Office That Simplifies Complexity

Billing, invoicing, and settlement is a source of competitive advantage with i2c. Streamline even the most daunting back-office processes, save time and money, and improve accuracy.


Automation Improves Efficiencies

i2c’s comprehensive, cloud-based settlement platform handles automatic billing and payments, contract management, exception handling, reporting, and analytics.

Billing That’s Straightforward

Load details of your contracts – prices, billing events, and other material requirements – and automatically calculate invoices as well as commission statements.

Settlement Processes That Build Better Partnerships

Manage settlement reconciliation services from one central location. Send payments with ease, catch errors early, and provide partners with a convenient way to resolve issues.

Better Data Yields Powerful Insights

Run detailed reports on amounts billed and settled. Analyze the data any way you desire to gain deeper insights into your business.